Tension escalated in the communities of Iguomo and Ikhueniro, situated in the Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo State, along the Benin-Asaba Road on Wednesday evening following the fatal shooting of a Hausa youth.

Edo state
Edo state

Irate members of the Hausa community took to the streets, erecting barricades and setting bonfires along the busy road, leading to the forcible halt of vehicular movements for several hours.

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Armed with sticks and machetes, the agitated youths stood guard, preventing road users from passing and leaving commuters stranded. The road closure had a significant impact on travel and commerce in the area.

According to an eyewitness account, the lifeless body of the deceased Hausa youth was visible at the scene. Attempts to document the incident were met with strong opposition from the enraged youths, who vehemently prevented any photography. The absence of law enforcement officers at the scene heightened the tension, leaving the situation volatile.

The motive behind the alleged shooting remains unclear, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the incident. Urgent calls have been made for authorities to intervene, address the concerns of the grieving community, and bring the perpetrators to justice. The priority is to diffuse the tension, restore order, and ensure the safety of all those affected by this tragic event.

As of the time of filing this report, attempts to reach the spokesperson of the Edo State Police Command, SP Chidi Nwabuzor, were unsuccessful.

Commuters are advised to exercise caution and seek alternative routes due to the road closure. The situation underscores the need for prompt intervention to prevent further escalation of the crisis.


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