The Kano/Jigawa Area Command of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has successfully intercepted trucks loaded with food items that were being smuggled out of the country.

Nigeria Customs Service
Nigeria Customs Service

According to a statement released by the command’s spokesperson, Saidu Nurudeen, the seized trucks involved in the illegal exportation have been impounded.

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The intercepted food items include 798 cartons of dried fish (big), 707 cartons of small dried fish, 14 bags of 100kg of locally grown rice, 3 bags of 50kg of locally grown rice, 2 bags of 100kg of locally grown beans, and others.

The statement emphasized the commitment of the command to enforcing the border closure policy, which aims to safeguard the nation’s economy and ensure food security.

It highlighted that smuggling not only undermines legitimate trade channels but also poses risks to public health and deprives the government of essential revenue.

In a separate development, the Zonal Coordinator of Zone B, Assistant Comptroller General of Customs, I Q Obudu, visited the Maigatari Border Station in Jigawa State.

During the visit, she urged the community residents to comply with the law and remain vigilant regarding the border closure directive, aligning it with ECOWAS directives. She addressed the challenges faced by Nigeria, including insecurity and high inflation, assuring them that measures were being taken to address these issues.

The Zonal Coordinator called for cooperation between the Maigatari community, the Nigeria Customs Service, and the government, expressing optimism for a better future.

In his closing remarks, the Customs Area Controller for the Kano/Jigawa Area Command, Dauda Ibrahim Chana, commended the peaceful nature of the Maigatari community and assured them that the command was working to address their needs.


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