Chivido 2024: Nigerian celebrity couple Davido and Chioma’s wedding has sparked considerable excitement online, particularly regarding the potential attendance of American music star Chris Brown.

Chivido 2024: Davido and Chioma pre wedding
Davido and Chioma pre wedding

The wedding, set to take place today, June 25, 2024, has been a hot topic on social media as fans speculate about the presence of the internationally renowned artist.

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The anticipation surrounding Chris Brown’s attendance stems from Davido’s previous announcement in September 2019, where he mentioned that Chris Brown would be one of his groomsmen at his traditional wedding ceremony. This declaration has led many to believe that Chris Brown might indeed be present at the Chivido 2024 wedding.

In the hours leading up to the wedding, many Nigerians took to social media to express their excitement and speculate about the possibility of seeing Chris at the event. The close friendship and professional relationship between Davido and Chris Brown, highlighted by their past collaborations and public appearances together, add to the credibility of these speculations.

Previous Collaborations

Davido and Chris B have shared a strong bond over the years, often seen together in public and collaborating on music projects. Their notable collaboration on the hit song “Blow My Mind” in 2019 was a testament to their strong professional relationship, further fueling the belief that Chris B would support Davido on his special day​.

The potential presence of Chris B at Davido and Chioma’s wedding is expected to add a significant star factor to the already high-profile event. Fans are eager to see the interactions between the American star and the Nigerian couple, which would undoubtedly make headlines and add to the memorable moments of the wedding.