Top 7 fashion trends for 2024 you should try out to look like a celebrity in fashion

Top 7 fashion trends for 2024

The fashion industry is known for its remixing abilities, consistently revisiting past eras and tweaking them for the present moment.

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In the current year, there has been a notable resurgence of 70s and 80s styles, reintroducing well-loved classics alongside trends from 2023.

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These are the Top 7 fashion trends for 2024 you can try out;

Crop tops

Top 7 fashion trends for 2024: crop tops
crop top

From full-sleeved to sleeveless and short crops extending above the navel to longer ones just at the navel, crop tops took center stage in street style.

Celebrities that rocked this trend include Ayra Starr, who served as a great source of crop top inspiration, and even Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, who was seen embracing the trend. The widespread popularity of these versatile pieces is no surprise; they effortlessly complement flared trousers and cargo pants.

Knitted outfits

Top 7 fashion trends for 2024: Knitted outfits
Knitted outfit

Get ready to be dazzled by the fabulous world of knitted fashion! Thanks to the creative minds on Creative X (formerly Twitter), knitted outfits are having a major moment. Picture gorgeous sweaters, chic dresses, trendy hats, and cozy scarves, all intricately crafted to capture the hearts of fashion enthusiasts everywhere. Dive into the allure of knitted perfection!


Top 7 fashion trends for 2024: Bubus

Lavish tie-dye, batik, and satin fabrics are at the forefront of the return of luxurious “rich aunty” bubus. Celebrities and Instagram influencers are flaunting this opulent aunty fashion, bringing back its timeless and comfortable elegance.


Top 7 fashion trends for 2024: Loafers

Previously considered a trend faux pas, the trend of opting for the ever-comfortable loafer over full shoes that cover the heels has gained momentum. This shift in footwear choice has transcended casual wear and made its way into more formal settings, including suits. While the comfort of the loafer is undeniable, some trend enthusiasts argue that pairing them with suits might be pushing the boundaries of traditional formal attire. Despite the debate, the versatility and relaxed feel of the loafer continue to make them a popular choice for various occasions. Fashion is evolving, and this trend reflects the ongoing efforts to blend comfort and style in contemporary wardrobes.


Top 7 fashion trends for 2024: Crocs

In 2022, Croc dominated as the preferred footwear and their reign extended into this year.

They were ubiquitous, complementing almost every outfit. Whether at the gym, in the office, or even occasionally at church services, Croc proved unstoppable, and who can blame them? Their unparalleled comfort is simply irresistible.

Cargo pants

Top 7 fashion trends for 2024: Cargo pants
cargo pant

This year witnessed an explosion in the popularity of military-style pants adorned with multiple pockets. Embraced by celebrities like Beyoncé and Yvonne Godswill, as well as everyday fashion enthusiasts, these cargo pants have become a wardrobe staple. The trend gained momentum, winning over people from various walks of life, particularly when paired with sneakers or heels and stylish crop tops. The versatility and appeal of the cargo pant have contributed to their widespread adoption as a trend statement.

Flared trousers

Top 7 fashion trends for 2024: flared trouser
flared trouser

Travel back in time with the revival of the iconic bell bottoms from the vibrant 70s and 80s! Asake, the Afrobeats sensation, adds a modern twist by confidently rocking loose, flared trouser.

Dive into the fashion scene as trendsetters pair the crop top with flared jeans, creating a chic fusion of old and new. Not to be outdone, men join the flair phenomenon, incorporating flared trouser into their ensembles, from kaftans to suits. Step into the groove of this revived fashion era, where nostalgia meets modern flair!


Looking at these Top 7 fashion trends for 2024, which style would you try out in 2024?


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