This 18-month Women’s Livelihoods Accelerator Chat 2024 is designed to empower women in low-income countries through training, mentorship, and support for social enterprises.

APPLY: Women's Livelihoods Accelerator Chat 2024
APPLY: Women’s Livelihoods Accelerator Chat 2024

Six enterprises will be selected to enhance business skills, provide education, and offer access to digital markets, payment tools, mental health, and healthcare support for working women and micro-entrepreneurs.

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Prototyping and Launching: Comprehensive three-month onboarding and training process.
Develops a fully operational minimum viable chat (MVP) ready for launch.

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Training & Support: Ongoing monthly enterprise support for 18 months.
Tailored assistance to achieve strategic chat service objectives.

Mentorship: Guidance from leading experts, including Solutions Engineers and Conversational Designers.
Access to expertise from a team of AI/Data Engineers.

Technology Access: Enterprise license with all platform features.
Subsidized WhatsApp Business Account for 18 months.

Knowledge Enhancement: Collaborative learning environment with quarterly cohort sessions.
Fosters a strong community of practice among the participating enterprises.


Open to social enterprises aiming to accelerate chat service growth and impact with guidance, mentorship, and hands-on support. Seeking enterprises in Kenya, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Uganda, Senegal, Nigeria, and other low-income regions. Applicants must commit to building and sustaining their chat service.

Selection Criteria

Strong Business Case/Theory of Change: Emphasis on using chat to benefit low-income women entrepreneurs or women in the workforce.
Focus on reducing gender disparities.

Dedication to WhatsApp-Based Chat Service: Ideal applicants committed to developing and expanding a WhatsApp-based chat service. Resources for building, managing, and sustaining the chat service after the Accelerator program.

Measurement and Evaluation Plan: Clear plan required for baseline and endline data on economic empowerment.
Indicators include increased turnover, higher income, better market access, upskilling, and financial services integration.

Application Deadline: January 31, 2024



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