Applications are Now Open for the WeThinkCode Tuition-Free Software Development Program 2024 for Young Africans

WeThinkCode_ Tuition-Free Software Development Program 2024
WeThinkCode_ Tuition-Free Software Development Program 2024

WeThinkCode_ is a groundbreaking coding academy in Johannesburg. It’s a tuition-free program fully sponsored by companies seeking top-notch computer programming skills. Anyone can apply. You don’t need a matric certificate or any other diploma—just a problem-solving mindset.

Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

With access to advanced technologies, you’ll be coding alongside passionate students like yourself. You’ll learn to access, filter, compare, and use relevant data to solve problems, and you’ll have access to the campus seven days a week. In this peer-oriented environment, you’ll evaluate each other’s work and complete the feedback loop.

Application Requirements

– Must be between 17 and 35 years old.
– Must have one of the following: a valid South African ID, a valid passport with a work permit, or a valid asylum seeker’s permit.
– WeThinkCode_ is a full-time program, so you cannot be working or studying elsewhere while enrolled.

Application Process

1. Open Day Sessions (Optional)
– Attend a presentation about WeThinkCode_, what to expect, how we operate, and why. [Click here](#) for more information.

2. Complete Application Form
– Start your application by [clicking here](#) and filling out all relevant forms.

3. Complete Online Assessment
– After submitting the application form, you will receive a link to an entrance test via email.

4. Complete Selection Bootcamp
– If you pass the entrance test, you will be invited to one of our selection boot camps.

5. Pass Selection Interview
– If you successfully complete the boot camp, you might be invited to the final interview.

6. Complete Enrollment Process
– If accepted, you will receive an invitation to complete your enrollment, which includes signing all relevant contractual documents.

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