The Orange Digital Centers serve as dynamic hubs of opportunity, integrating various facilities under one roof.

Orange Social Venture
Orange Social Venture

These include a Code School, a Solidarity FabLab, a digital manufacturing workshop for prototyping projects, an Orange Fab startup accelerator fostering national and international partnerships, and Orange Ventures Africa & Middle East, a €50 million investment fund supporting innovative startups.

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In continuation of its commitment to social innovation and entrepreneurship, Orange has launched the 14th edition of the Orange Social Venture Prize in Africa and the Middle East (OSVP).

This initiative aims to recognize and support startups leveraging new technologies to address social challenges in fields such as education, healthcare, e-commerce, agriculture, and the environment.

Entrepreneurs from the 17 countries within Orange’s footprint have until May 26, 2024, to submit their projects via the website. Since its inception in 2011, OSVP has been championing innovative startups making positive impacts in Africa and the Middle East. Through this prize, Orange seeks to drive socio-economic development, foster social and environmental innovation, and nurture entrepreneurship.

The competition comprises two stages:

1. National stage: Held between March and May 2024 in Orange’s 17 subsidiaries, where applications will be collected and national winners selected by a panel of judges comprising members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and representatives.

2. International stage: Each subsidiary will present the projects of its three winners, along with those vying for the International Women’s Prize. An evaluation committee comprising Group employees will assess the projects, selecting 10 finalists for the International Grand Prize and 5 for the International Women’s Prize. In October 2024, a final jury consisting of prominent figures from Africa and the Middle East’s tech and entrepreneurship sectors will choose the three winners of the International Grand Prize and the recipient of the OSVP International Women’s Prize from the 15 shortlisted projects.

Prizes include:

– €25,000 for the 1st prize winner
– €15,000 for the 2nd prize winner
– €10,000 for the 3rd prize winner
– €20,000 for the winner of the International Women’s Prize

Since its launch, OSVP has received over 13,000 applications, awarding approximately €700,000 to over fifty winners and providing capacity-building support to around one hundred entrepreneurs.

Apart from financial rewards, OSVP winners will benefit from support provided by the Digital Centers in their respective countries.