Siemens Stiftung has entered into a partnership with Capital Solutions Limited to execute a project named the “Women Income Generation Opportunities Initiative (WIGOI).”

Women Income Generation Opportunities Initiative (WIGOI) 2024
Women Income Generation Opportunities Initiative (WIGOI) 2024

This initiative aims to deliver customized 360° educational solutions to young women aged 18-30 in semi-urban and rural areas, facilitating the growth of their incomes and career prospects.

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The program is highly interactive, offering capacity building, coaching, and mentorship. It includes face-to-face interactions through site visits, personal and business profiling on various social media platforms, a networking space provided by the Social Entrepreneurship forum, and access to small debt capital through the Social Investment Fund.

In this call for applications, they are seeking 100 young women from semi-urban and rural areas, including marginalized groups such as refugees and persons with disabilities (PWDs), to undergo a transformative experience through vocational and career skilling engagements.

This involves a comprehensive journey, including:

1. Capacity Building:

– Participants will undergo structured capacity-building activities to enhance their skills and knowledge.

2. Career Guidance/Mentorship:

– Engaging mentorship and career guidance sessions will be provided to guide participants in their chosen fields.

3. Mid-Evaluation:

– An assessment mid-way through the program to gauge progress and address any challenges encountered.

4. Graduation/Post-Training Coaching:

– Upon completion, participants will receive post-training coaching to support their transition into the workforce.

Eligibility Criteria:

– The program is open to young women aged 18-30 in Uganda.
– Special consideration will be given to those focused on Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Health, Education, and Agriculture.

Entry criteria include:
– Comfort with using digital tools.
– Proficiency in verbal and written English.
– Regular (at least bi-weekly) internet access through a computer or smartphone.
– Commitment to attending planned in-person sessions.

Application Process:

– Interested applicants must submit their complete applications by February 29, 2024.
– Late applications will not be considered.