MarkHack 3.0 Beyond Limits: Unlocking Creativity with Emerging Tech (Win up to $50K equity investment and an opportunity to be mentored by industry experts for 3 months).

MarkHack3.0 Beyond Limits
MarkHack3.0 Beyond Limits

The marketing and media landscape constitute a dynamic and continually evolving sphere, marked by the continual emergence of new technologies and strategies.

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In this fast-paced environment, businesses and organizations are not only challenged to keep pace but also to lead in innovation.

The deep-tech industry has exhibited substantial growth in recent years. From 2015 to June 2022, deep-tech companies garnered a cumulative disclosed funding amount of $2.35 billion.

This figure represents 15% of all funding raised by technology companies on the continent during the same period.

Focus Areas

1. E-Commerce Evolution:
Developing solutions to optimize and revolutionize e-commerce experiences in Nigerian and African markets.

2. Localizing XR:
Adapting global tech trends such as Virtual Realities and Augmented Realities to meet the specific needs and cultural nuances of the African consumer.

3. Blockchain for Business:
Exploring practical applications of blockchain technology to enhance transparency, security, and efficiency in marketing and media enterprises.

4. AI-driven Personalization:
Creating solutions that leverage artificial intelligence to personalize marketing content and campaigns for diverse and dynamic African audiences.

What You Can Do at Mark Hack 3.0

– Meet:
Explore meeting new people, learn, and share your knowledge. Join or create your dream team!

– Brainstorm:
Ideate, create, test! Work on your idea and present it to the jury.

– Innovate:
Think outside the box, think in the box, or invent a new one! We believe you have brilliant ideas on how to change this world.

– Win:
Aside from meeting new people and sharing experiences, every team will have a chance to win fantastic prizes!

Participation Benefits

– Acceleration:
Finalists have a chance to join EIC’s accelerator program with up to $50K equity investment and an opportunity to be mentored by industry experts for 3 months.

Deadline: 23rd March, 2024