Google Summer of Code is a global online initiative designed to introduce new contributors to the field of open-source software development.

Google Summer of Code For Students 2024 (Get Paid To Write Code)
Google Summer of Code For Students 2024 (Get Paid To Write Code)

Participants in GSoC collaborate with open-source organizations on programming projects spanning 12 weeks or more, guided by mentors.

Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

Accepted student applicants are paired with mentors from participating projects, providing them exposure to real-world software development scenarios and potential employment opportunities aligned with their academic pursuits.

Concurrently, the participating projects can readily identify and bring in fresh talent, leading to the creation and release of more source code for the benefit of all.

Students interested in participating contact the mentor organizations of their choice, submit a project proposal for the summer, and, if accepted, spend a month or more integrating with their organizations before the coding period commences.

The coding phase lasts three months, during which students work closely with their mentors to meet agreed-upon deadlines.


– Accepted students engage in summer coding with mentor guidance.
– Successful student contributors receive a $6,000 USD stipend, allowing them to focus on coding for three months.


To participate in the program, a student must:

– Be eighteen (18) years of age or older upon registration for the program.
– Be enrolled in or accepted into an accredited institution (college, university, master’s program, Ph.D. program, and/or undergraduate program) as of the Acceptance Date.
– Be eligible to work in the country of residence for the duration of the program.
– Not be an Organization Administrator or Mentor in the program.

Ineligible Individuals

A student may not participate in the program if:

– They are a resident of a United States embargoed country.
– They are ordinarily resident in a United States embargoed country or are otherwise prohibited by applicable export controls and sanctions programs.
– They are an employee (including intern), contractor, officer, or director of Google or its affiliates or an Organization or any of its affiliates.
– They are an immediate family member or a member of the household of an individual listed above.
– They have participated as a student in Google Summer of Code two (2) or more times previously.

Application Deadline: April 2, 2024.



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