The Ethereum Foundation is excited to announce the Academic Grants Round 2024, aiming to support research within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Ethereum Foundation
Ethereum Foundation

After the success of the 2023 round funding 43 projects from 20 countries, the Foundation continues its commitment to fostering academic contributions.

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Research domains include applied and theoretical cryptography, economics, game theory, security, consensus protocols, formal verification, p2p networking, society and regulation, and hardware. The goal is to drive research that advances the Ethereum ecosystem.

In 2023, the Foundation received 250 applications, showcasing the growing global interest in Ethereum. This year, they invite even more researchers and institutions from various countries to participate. The Ethereum Foundation emphasizes its dedication to supporting rigorous academic work addressing challenges and unlocking new opportunities.


– Up to $1 Million in total for selected projects.
– Projects are expected to take 6 to 12 months, with some flexibility depending on the proposal.

Eligibility criteria

– Projects must produce formal academic research.
– Research output must be open-access with a free and permissive license.

What is not eligible

– Anything not legal within the jurisdiction of the work.
– Financial products and services, art projects, or social impact projects outside the round’s scope.
– Projects requesting retroactive funding.
– Projects with a planned token launch or public funding round.

Selection criteria

– Funding decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.
– Multiple applications are allowed, provided each proposal is unique and meets the round’s requirements.
– Submissions are reviewed based on impact, team experience, proposal clarity, contribution to wishlist areas, potential long-term involvement in the Ethereum ecosystem, and visualizations for non-technical audience insight.

Please note: Some criteria may not be applicable depending on the proposal.