Protocol Labs Architect, in collaboration with Filecoin and InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC), is excited to announce the Data Economy Hackathon.

Data Economy
Data Eco

This hackathon is a global initiative aimed at bringing together the brightest minds to explore the possibilities of web3 technology.

Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

The challenge focuses on the following objectives:

1. Harness Data Value: Utilize decentralized networks to maximize the utility of data.
2. Innovate for Scalability: Develop solutions with InterPlanetary Consensus for state-of-the-art scalability.
3. Create with Filecoin: Develop decentralized applications (dApps) that enhance the Filecoin ecosystem.
4. Smooth Out the Filecoin Experience: Work on projects that improve participation in the Filecoin network.

Note: The total prize for this challenge exceeds USD 500,000 in accelerator seed funding. What constitutes a strong submission for this challenge?

– Innovative Idea: A technically creative idea that solves a real problem innovatively.
– Demonstrated Understanding of Technology: Clearly articulate why you chose a particular technology or its associated ecosystem for your use case.
– Product Prototype: Present a working prototype demonstrating how the idea comes to life for users.
– Strong Team: Showcase a team with a diverse mix of skills, including technical expertise, execution capabilities, and a solid understanding of the product.
– Business Model: Provide a simple plan (at this stage) with the potential to generate revenue or create value through other means.
– Great Pitch: Deliver a clear, concise pitch summarizing the above.

Prize Eligibility

– Submitting the same project across multiple hackathons will result in disqualification.
– Projects awarded Filecoin grants won’t receive a prize if the grant has been approved, and the scope of work for the hackathon and the grant align.
– Only projects or features built specifically for the respective hackathon will be considered for prizes.
– Broken links may disqualify the project from the judging process.
– Policies are in place to ensure payment disbursements comply with legally required sanctions.

Deadline: March 31, 2024.