Google Creative Fellowship program aims to nurture emerging creative talent by providing hands-on experience and exposure within Google’s diverse in-house creative teams.

Google Creative Fellowship 2024
Google Creative Fellowship 2024

The creative industry often adheres to long-established traditions and conventional standards, creating a barrier for many new voices and emerging talents to break into the field.

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This obstacle is particularly challenging for creatives from non-traditional backgrounds, who struggle to access the necessary support to thrive in the industry. Consequently, Google is actively seeking outstanding talent from unconventional networks to join its ranks.

Through the Creative Fellowship, emerging talent is placed within dedicated teams at Google, where they gain valuable exposure and practical experience across various in-house creative departments.

Additionally, participants have the opportunity to attend inspiring talks to further enrich their learning. This program aims to introduce a diverse network of creative talent and benefit the industry as a whole by infusing it with fresh, innovative perspectives.


The Creative Fellowship experience varies for each participant. Every Fellow is assigned to a Google creative team and works on real projects under the guidance of that team. Previous Creative Fellows have contributed to a wide array of projects across four teams: Brand Studio, Creative Lab, Events & Experiences, and YouTube Creative Studio. The 2024 Creative Fellowship will take place in the United States, and applicants must be located in and have work authorization for the United States to be eligible.


The program is open to emerging creative thinkers with 0-5 years of creative experience, who demonstrate a clear point of view and a passion for storytelling and creation. Google seeks individuals eager to lend their unique voices and skills to their creative teams. Since each creative team at Google looks for different qualities, they encourage applicants to submit work that best showcases their talents.


Fellows will receive compensation, with pay determined based on location. Further details regarding compensation will be provided during the interview process.


The program will run from June 2024 to December 2024. Interested candidates must submit their applications by April 5, 2024, at 5 pm (PST).

Shortlisted candidates will be notified of their status by early May, and finalists will be contacted by a third-party employment agency for the next steps in early May.

Deadline: April 5, 2024