Applications are Now Open for the Funded traineeship EU Delegation for young graduates – Regional Cooperation & Trade Sections

Funded traineeships for young graduates at the EU Delegation to Nigeria
Funded traineeships for young graduates at the EU Delegation to Nigeria

Are you a recent graduate with a keen interest in international relations? Are you curious about the duties of diplomatic missions and how the EU Delegation represents the EU’s principles and interests in Nigeria?

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If you’re a bright and inquisitive recent graduate who dreams of a career bridging cultures, addressing global challenges, and making a real impact on the world stage, then this opportunity is for you!

This program offers a unique chance to delve into the intriguing world of diplomatic missions and gain firsthand insights into the operations of the European Union Delegation in Nigeria.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

– Understanding Diplomatic Missions: Discover how a diplomatic mission functions and how it represents the interests and values of a foreign entity, such as the European Union, in a host country like Nigeria.

– EU Engagement: Explore the specific activities and priorities of the EU Delegation in Nigeria. See how the EU fosters cooperation, promotes shared values, and addresses critical issues facing Nigeria and the international community.

– International Relations Dynamics: Gain valuable knowledge about the complexities of international relations, including diplomacy, negotiation, and global governance.

This program is ideal for you if:

– You have a strong academic background in international relations, political science, or a related field.
– You’re genuinely interested in the European Union and its global role.
– You’re eager to learn from experienced diplomats and gain practical insights into international affairs.
– You aspire to a career where you can contribute to building bridges between nations and driving positive change.

Take the Next Step:

If this description resonates with your passion for international relations, be sure to research the specific program offered by the EU Delegation in Nigeria. Check their website or social media channels for details on eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and the program format (workshops, internships, etc.).

This is your opportunity to step beyond the classroom and gain invaluable experience in the dynamic world of diplomacy!


– A traineeship of up to 6 months within the Regional Cooperation & Trade Sections of the EU Delegation to Nigeria, starting in mid-June 2024.
– The trainee will work between the Regional Cooperation Section (OPS4) and the Trade & Economics Section (T&E).
– Main tasks include research and analysis on key trade and economic developments, monitoring legislative changes, and contributing to project implementation.
– Qualifications: Nigerian citizens residing in Abuja, young graduates with at least a Bachelor’s Diploma, with no more than one year of professional experience and no prior experience of more than six weeks in the EU Institutions.

How to Apply

Candidates must apply to the e-mail address and send the following documents:

  1. A detailed standard Europass curriculum vitae (CV (CVs in other format will not be considered)
  2. a cover letter describing why you want to participate in a EU traineeship
  3. and an application form

Before applying, review the dedicated website and general eligibility criteria for paid traineeships.

Selected trainees will receive a monthly grant for living expenses, while travel, visa, insurance, and accommodation costs must be covered by the trainee.

Applications from ineligible candidates will not be considered. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by email.

Application Deadline: May 24th 2024