The Africa Tech Startup Forum operates as a Market Access and Acceleration Program meticulously crafted to equip, educate, expose, and interconnect tech ventures with opportunities.

Africa Tech Startup Forum
Africa Tech Startup Forum

This comprehensive initiative unfolds both virtually and in person, to spotlight outstanding tech innovations emerging from Africa and furnish them with a conducive environment to flourish.

Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

By collaborating with experts hailing from Africa and across the globe, the forum aspires to cultivate an ecosystem that fosters and propels tech ventures forward.

Funded by the Korea Africa Economic Cooperation (KOAFEC) Trust Fund via the African Development Bank (AfDB)’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab, the Africa Tech Startup Forum emerges as a vibrant nucleus for innovation, collaboration, and advancement within Africa’s burgeoning tech landscape.

Program Overview

At the heart of the forum lies the incubation program, which serves as a nurturing enclave for nascent tech startups. Through this initiative, entrepreneurs gain access to tailored resources, mentorship, and collaborative workspaces, nurturing the genesis of groundbreaking ideas and the metamorphosis of concepts into tangible products and services.

The forum also houses a B2B matchmaking platform, facilitating strategic connections between startups and established enterprises. This platform engenders a dynamic marketplace where innovative solutions intersect with industry demands, fostering symbiotic partnerships that fuel economic growth and technological progress.

Another pivotal aspect of the forum is investor sourcing, which links promising startups with potential investors eager to support groundbreaking ventures. By bridging the divide between entrepreneurs and investors, the forum plays a pivotal role in securing the necessary funding for startups to scale their operations and bring their innovations to fruition.

Eligibility Criteria

Tech ventures across all sectors, including ESOs (Accelerators and Incubators) and startups, are eligible to participate. While key industries for the program encompass AgriTech, Fintech, and HealthTech, businesses from all other tech verticals are encouraged to apply. Each application will be assessed based on the merit of the product.

The following countries are eligible to apply:

– Kenya

– Morocco

– Rwanda

– Egypt

– Uganda

– Nigeria

– South Africa

– Ghana

Deadline:  April 19, 2024



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