The Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), representing the Igbo elite, is urging affluent Igbo individuals to prioritize investing a portion of their wealth in Igbo land.

Alaigbo Development Foundation
Alaigbo Development Foundation

This initiative aims to create job opportunities for youths and stem their migration out of the Igbo region.

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The ADF emphasizes that such investments, coupled with the empowerment of the youth who constitute a significant portion of the workforce, will lead to rapid development in Alaigbo.

During the pre-launch of the Blossom City Estate in Enugu by Pinto Realty Limited, a Lagos-based real estate firm, two prominent leaders of the ADF, Bishop Obi Onubuogu and Abia Onyike, underscored the importance of this investment strategy.

Onubuogu, the Chairman of the ADF Board, expressed satisfaction that the firm shares the ADF’s vision and philosophy of Aku Ruo Ulo (building one’s home).

He highlighted the ADF’s longstanding campaign since 2014, urging Ndigbo in the diaspora to invest significantly in the South East zone to drive development.

Onyike, the acting General Secretary of ADF, commended Pinto for choosing to invest in Enugu. He emphasized the need for Igbo people to return to their homeland and lay the foundation for internal development and industrialization.

Onyike stressed that despite the Igbo community’s migratory nature, it is essential to invest in Igbo land to prevent encroachment by external forces like herders.

ADF has actively advocated for projects like the Blossom City Estate, aligning with its vision of diaspora Igbo investing in and developing their regions independently of federal government support.


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