The Afri Women Innovation (AWI) Grant, an EquiHER initiative aligned with UN SDGs, supports African women with business ideas or existing companies.

Afri Women Innovation Grant
Afri Women Innovation Grant

The Afri Women Innovation (AWI) Grant, a part of the EquiHER initiative aligned with the United Nations SDG, is designed to support African women with promising business ideas or existing companies within the continent.

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The initiative believes that both small and well-established ideas have the potential to ignite significant change, emphasizing that the power to bring about positive change is what truly matters.

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Eligibility for participation

Eligibility for participation includes;

  1. being a female aged between 18 and 50,
  2. holding citizenship from any of the 54 African countries, and proficiency in English, French, or Portuguese for effective communication.
  3. The intention to implement these ideas within Africa is crucial for applicants with business ideas.
  4. For those with existing companies, operations must be active within Africa, and a female shareholder must hold a minimum ownership of 50% of the company.


The benefits of the 2023 AWI Grant are comprehensive.

It encompasses entrepreneurship training and mentorship, offering financial backing of $5,000 to 500 women across the African continent who meet the eligibility criteria. This grant aims to empower women entrepreneurs, fostering positive changes in their lives and the communities they impact.

Deadline: December 31, 2023.



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