Medical professionals and stakeholders convened at the Chida International Hotel Penthouse Hall in Utako, Abuja, for the launch of ActiGraft, a revolutionary medical device developed by IES Medical NG Limited in partnership with Lone Star Global Consult Ltd.


The event, held on February 7, 2024, showcased ActiGraft’s cutting-edge wound care technology for chronic and hard-to-heal wounds.

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This innovative device utilizes the patient’s blood to initiate and moderate the healing process. ActiGraft promotes vascular growth, releases growth factors, attracts macrophages to combat infections, and acts as a scaffold for faster wound healing.

Nigeria becomes the second African country, after South Africa, to introduce such a product, providing a significant advancement in wound care.

ActiGraft remains active on the wound for an extended period (seven days), resulting in reduced pain, shorter healing time, fewer nursing visits, and overall cost savings associated with wound care.

Tailored for various types of wounds, ActiGraft addresses chronic wounds, diabetic and neuropathic ulcers, pressure and vascular ulcers, traumatic wounds, anal fistula, surgical and post-surgical wounds, stoma removal wounds, skin tears, internal cysts, pilonidal sinus, and gunshot wounds.

The launch event featured distinguished guests, including Special Guest of Honour Senator (Dr) Manzo George Anthony FRCS and Keynote Speaker Dr. Monday Yilkudi. Dr. David O. Ukoha, MD/CEO of Lone Star Global Consult Ltd., delivered insightful remarks on the device’s significance in revolutionizing wound care.

Dr Precious Ogboru, the Senior Special Assistant on Health to the President of the Senate, commended the launch of ActiGraft, recognizing it as a significant milestone in the medical field. The device offers hope and effective treatment for patients with chronic and hard-to-heal wounds, potentially accelerating the healing process and improving the quality of life for those affected.

The event provided attendees with free 5 CME points, emphasizing the educational value and professional development opportunities associated with the device.


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