3 Countries that Can Make You Rich as a Nigerian Traveler despite limited financial resources


Henley & Partners, a prominent citizenship advisory firm, conducted a comprehensive index assessing 27 countries on various parameters related to multi-generational wealth-building.

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The factors considered included education, earning potential, career advancement, livability, economic mobility, and job prospects. The study aimed to identify the optimal global destination for families seeking relocation with a focus on long-term success and wealth creation.

Switzerland emerged as the leading destination based on the index’s findings. The Alpine nation showcased a remarkable 2% unemployment rate, emphasizing a stable economic environment.

Additionally, Switzerland is home to seven of the world’s top 250 universities, solidifying its position as an ideal hub for families aspiring to ensure prosperity and favorable career opportunities for future generations.

The United States secured the second position in the ranking, offering robust employment prospects and access to 46 of the world’s premier universities.

It has been a traditional destination for families seeking economic opportunities and quality education. Singapore claimed the third spot, strategically positioned at the center of a burgeoning economic region, providing abundant opportunities in sectors like banking and engineering. Singapore’s streamlined visa procedures also contributed to its high ranking.

The research conducted by Henley & Partners highlights the critical role of choosing the right country in ensuring multi-generational wealth.

Tess Wilkinson, Director of Henley & Partners Education, emphasized that “income variation globally is largely attributable to which country people live and work in.”

The study goes beyond wealth creation, considering factors contributing to long-term success, including educational excellence, economic prospects, and overall quality of life.

The index sheds light on the transformative impact of relocation on families’ success probabilities. For example, a typical Indonesian family with a 25% opportunity score in their home country could elevate their success probability for the next generation to 82% by securing residence rights in the United States. Similarly, an Indian family relocating to Switzerland with a score of 32% could significantly enhance their advantage to 85%.

Switzerland’s stellar performance in the index aligns with its reputation for stability, economic prosperity, and a robust educational landscape.

As families globally seek avenues for sustainable wealth creation and prosperity, the insights provided by the Henley & Partners index serve as a valuable guide for strategic relocation decisions.