Ace-Liam Nana Sam Ankrah, a boy from Ghana, has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s youngest male artist at just 1 year and 152 days old.

Ghanaian Ace Liam drawing
Ghanaian Ace Liam drawing

Guinness World Records announced, “At the age of one year and 152 days old, little Ace-Liam Nana Sam Ankrah from Ghana is the world’s youngest artist.”

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Ace-Liam, who began showing interest in art and painting at just six months old, has created over 20 paintings. He participated in his first group exhibition, The Soundout Premium Exhibition, at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ghana, where 10 of his artworks were displayed and nine were sold.

Ace-Liam loves the feel of paint on his hands, the bright colors, and the ability to express himself through painting. His mother, Chantelle, who is also an artist, discovered his passion for painting when he was just six months old.

She explained that while he was learning to crawl, she spread out a piece of canvas on the floor with some paint to keep him busy while she worked on a commission. He ended up spreading the paint all over the canvas, creating his first masterpiece titled “The Crawl.”

Since then, Ace-Liam has received significant attention from national and international media and even from the First Lady of Ghana. His talent has sparked conversations about art appreciation and the importance of discovering and nurturing talents in children.

Chantelle explained that painting is a fun and creative outlet for Ace-Liam, and he enjoys the freedom to explore and create without limitations. Ever since he started talking, he has asked to paint, as it is his favorite activity.

According to Chantelle, Ace-Liam’s art is more about expression and exploration rather than conveying specific messages. His abstract paintings are inspired by the world around him—colors, shapes, textures, and his mood. Each painting is an expression of his curiosity and joy in discovering new things.

Guinness World Records further mentioned that Ace-Liam’s painting sessions are spontaneous and guided by his mood. Once his painting area is set up with canvases and paints, he chooses the canvas size and colors he prefers, and Chantelle opens the paint bottles for him.

His painting sessions can last from a few minutes to about half an hour, depending on his interest at the moment. Sometimes he leaves a painting and returns to it after a few days to finish it. Once he’s done, he says, “Mama, finish.”

After being recognized as the world’s youngest male artist, Ace-Liam’s family began exploring opportunities to place him in an environment where his artistic talent could be nurtured through quality education. They are seeking international scholarship opportunities and platforms to sell his artworks.

Chantelle advises parents to always encourage and support their child’s interests, no matter how early they appear. She believes every child is unique and nurturing their passions can lead to amazing discoveries and achievements. She also advises anyone aiming to break a world record to carefully follow the rules and enjoy the journey and fulfillment it brings.